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In the Classroom


An Elementary Approach to Social Justice and Economic Growth 

                    by Steve Kmeco


    A democracy starts to dig its own grave when it fails to teach all children how to prosper in the free markets on which it depends on its citizens to make a living.  America will climb out of the grave it has been digging for itself only when we start teaching all children, especially our underprivileged students, about basic business principles. The Universal Business Education Movement is a grass roots effort to start a national discussion about blending business lessons into the curriculum of every public school in America.  

   Universal Business Education would help America to generate more wealth and to spread that wealth more fairly and evenly than anything we've tried in the past hundred years.  In the process UBE would lay strong foundations for both long-term economic growth and enduring social justice which are key ingredients for a healthy democracy.  

    Four essays launch our discussion.  First, "Universal Business Education, an Elementary Approach to Social Justice and Economic Growth" gives The Movement's basic arguments.

    Second, "Grade School Math and Money" explains in greater detail how two financial tools developed in the 1970s have let many Baby Boomers show that million-dollar, retirement nest eggs lie within reach of most American workers.  That's why the millionaire next door might these days be a nurse, a forklift operator, a mailman, or a teacher. 

    Third, "Florida's New Financial Literacy Law" explains why although teaching financial literacy is a big step in the right direction a broader business education must follow that first step if students are to prosper in the real world in the pursuit of their American dreams.     

    Fourth, "Grass Roots" offers my personal opinion on how to sow the seeds for Universal Business Education across America.  Some of you will disagree.  If you can think of a better way to spread the UBE idea then run with it.  You have my blessing.


    Please click the link:  


for an expanded version of the article that started this movement in the June 2020 issue of The Mensa Bulletin.  Continue on to the second essay, "Grade School Math and Money" followed by "Florida's New Financial Literacy Law"  and "Grass Roots".

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